About the site

Sorry we don't serve udon here. 
m(._. ;))m ゴメンナサイ

I draw as a hobby, and you can check my artworks through the portal (it's a mirror). I usually put artworks related stuffs in the Library... while personal stuffs are here in うどん屋, Udonya. The site looks...ugly.. but I hope I'll make it look better in the future.
Please do not reprint any contents of the site. Instead you can link the .html file like https://example.html.
You can also report broken links, sites, typos, etc or simply ask me questions through email.

About the site owners

> Name: Udon
> Profile:
> Likes: animu, cute things, deep sea, dolls, drawing, gin, white/silver hair, (color) pink/white
> Dislikes: blood, eggs (I hate the smell... Cakes are okay, though), noise, violence
> Comments: Welcome to my site...

> Name: Ramen
> Profile:
> Likes: animu, blood, cool or cute things, deep sea, dolls, spiders, violence, white/silver hair, (color) crimson
> Dislikes: eggs (Yikes!), noise
> Comments: OMG my sister seriously have a bad taste in naming.


Q: Some software that you use?
A: Krita for illustration (sometimes also with GIMP), Geany for coding.

Q: Commissions?
A: Currently not ready for that, and probably won't in the future.

Q: Future Plans?
A: Games, maybe; Hand-make a 1/1 shell for Ramen.